CSIS 1430

Favorite Project: Tic-Tac-Toe

CSIS 1430 Summary

Throught the CSIS 1430 course I learned the basic of web development. The course went through HTML and CSS in detail and briefly went through the basics of Javascript. The course included many fun projects that allowed me to get creative with how I approached them.

CSIS 2440

Favorite Project: Animal Crossing Catalog

CSIS 2440 Summary

This course went through server side web development with PHP and SQL. The course taught me how to run a responsive web site with secure logins and authentication. Throughtout the course I utilized PHP and SQL to communicate back and forth with the client and the server.

CSIS 2470

Favorite Project: Capstone Site

CSIS 2470 Summary

CSIS 2470 went through some advanced JavaScript functionality such as JQuery and AJAX. The course taught me how to streamline my JavaScript code with JQuery functions and API's. With the combination of AJAX and JQuery I was able to make responsive web pages and sites with less code then raw JavaScript.